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Thank you, anonymous deviant, for putting that little star by my name! I wish I could thank you more personally!!
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One of Us by Naragirl007
One of Us
"Stay back!" Seeker barked to Ashley. He had positioned himself between her and the Shadowen.
"But, Seeker--!" she started to protest.
"Shut up and stay behind me!"
She felt a tug of concern in her chest, yet she reluctantly obeyed his command. The black creature bared its teeth and looked between them.
"Why are you protecting the Ashwing?! You are one of us!" the Shadowen hissed with a cruel smirk.
"Not yet I'm not," Seeker snarled, lowering his head and preparing to fight.

Just a little snippet of the scene that was going through my head when I drew this. Yeah, hopefully I didn't write them too out of character...or...OOC... >>"

This is a commission for the3Ss of her two characters Seeker and Ashley! I had a lot of fun with this! Their markings are so complex! It was a fun challenge! :la: I hope you like it, Legend! If you want anything changed, let me know!

And just so we're clear, I will go down with this ship. Sailing the seven seas 

Seeker and Ashley and the Shadowen belong to Legend of the3Ss
Art belongs to me, Naragirl007
 EDIT:...I'm really trying not to be bothered by how many times I said "family" in this journal...

Yes, I know, as always, I am late to say these things. BUT! That does not make them any less sincere! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you! I have gotten to know so many new people on here this year, as well as kept up with those I've known for a while!

**Feel free to skip this next part if you don't care to read about my personal life. Just some New Years rambles that will probably sound more pity-seeking than I intend them to.**

So! My holiday update, if anyone was curious: My Christmas was fun. We have lots of traditions, so it's always a fun time spent with family! This year, we got the special treat of celebrating with both sides of the family. We usually can't spend holidays with my mom's side, because they live too far away to just pop in for the day, but this year, due to certain circumstances, we got to experience the holidays with them, too! But now, about 2015. Geez, is it really 2015 already? Well, start off, a New Year's resolution: I am going to make this year better. Last year was very hard for my family, with the loss of my grandmother and my uncle in the first two months of the year. That is one reason why these wishes are so late. It has been an interesting couple of days as it was the first anniversary of my grandma's passing, and we were very close. I'm fine now, so that's not me seeking comfort. I have already come to grips with her absence, hence the whole "this was a hard year" thing. Just explaining what was occupying my time over the past few days. On top of that, there were fears for the health of multiple other family members as a result of these two losses, and tension spread on both sides of my family in terms of finances and other things, so...yeah. Family struggles. That's not gonna happen this year. At least, I won't let it get to me as much this year. Besides, this is supposed to be a good year for me! Out with high school, in with college! I'm excited! :D

**Alright, sappy stuff over.**

Anyway, I hope you all had wonderful holidays, and I hope I can get to know you all better this year, too! :holly: I had more things in mind to draw for you all, but now they're out of season, and I can't think of what to do for a few of them anymore. ^^; The desire to do them was there, I just didn't have any more ideas and TA DAH, it was Christmas already. Sorry for my infamous procrastination/failure to deliver. *le sigh*

(Okay, okay, I know. Gifts aren't an expectation. I just feel bad when I don't do something, because I feel like anyone that might have been excluded feels like I don't appreciate them or forgot about them, and I promise that is not the case! It's just the fact that I'm one person with too much perfectionism and too little time! ><)
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Thank you, anonymous deviant, for putting that little star by my name! I wish I could thank you more personally!!
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Thanks to the3Ss for the awesome ID!

I'm a feral digital artist with increasing interest in animation. And a warning to all, my sarcasm knows no boundaries. |D

Many have labeled me as an anime nerd, and I don't deny it in the slightest. I also love rock, metal, and dubstep music, as well as video games of every breed. I love talking to people, so if you're looking for a friend, feel free to comment and maybe watch me, and I'll give you a watch back! ^^


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